Book Book

M: Place both your hands together, open and shut them like opening a book. (AUSLAN, ASL, BSL)

M/H: Place both of your hands under the person's then place both your hands together, open and shut them, like opening a book.

C: Hold the person’s hands together in the position of an open book, move them together and then open again like opening and shutting a book

B: place your right hand on their left hand palms together, open and close them together.

Braille books like the above take a long time to make and require a great deal of skills. More need to be made to ensure equality of access to education, life skills and vocational education.

Activity: Read books daily. They are extremely important in the language development process. Simple first books can just be a real object glued on card. E.g. comb, toothbrush, hair band, etc.


Note: Tactile books should be available for loan from your local organisation for the blind. There are also many electronic books now available to down load into both audio and refreshable Braille. Please note restrictions such as location may apply. Charges may apply. You will also need access to equipment that allows the process to occur.


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