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Sensory Loss is and evolving site which aims to provide a resource centre of information to assist people who are have both a vision and hearing disability.


Sensory Impairment includes people who are

  • Deafblind,
  • Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI),
  • Multi-sensory impairment (MSI),
  • Visual Impairment/Blindness,
  • Hearing Impairment/Deafness,
  • Cortical Vision (CVI) and Hearing Impairment (CHI),
  • Combined visual and hearing impairments with additional disabilities such as autism and/or intellectual impairment.


This site will provide information to enhance communication, education and life opportunities of sensory impaired people.


• The ‘Dictionary of Tactile and Augmentative Communication’,

• Information on curriculum and programs,

• Access to Consultancy and Professional Development,



Throughout this site and particularly in the 'Dictionary of Tactile and Augmentative Communication', the word 'Person' is used to represent the recipient of communication. The word 'You' or 'Your' is used to represent the communicator.


















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